Thursday, October 11, 2012

Love at first site...

Growing up, I always felt like "love at first sight" was something that only happened in fairy tales.  I was like every little girl dreaming of the day I would meet some young man and the moment our eyes met it would be obvious I had found the man of my dreams.

Well, finding the love of my life sure didn't happen like that romantic scenario!  In fact, I had even made comment I would never go out with Jeff because he was too "wild" for me.  I am so thankful today for his persistence because I was just too young to be cognisant of what was really before me and growing in me and that was a love for the husband God picked for me. 

Just because our love didn't happen like it does in fairy tales doesn't make our love any less real and true.  I know I am with the man God designed me for.  I may not like him all the time, but I love him every single day, every single hour, every single second.  He can drive me crazy but he is the man that can wrap his arms around me and make me believe all will be fine because we are going to get through whatever it is together. 

It was then that I learned that true love doesn't always look like "love at first sight".  Maybe this kind of love really DOES only happen in fairy tales and romance novels.  And there I was left...wondering where in the world this romantic idea came from.  How does one make this up if "love at first sight" isn't real?  Is it really just lust in disguise? 

On January 4, 1992, I married the man of my dreams.  Not the man that lured me with a "love at first sight" scenario but a true (and lasting) love that is standing the test of time of over 20 years later. 

Time kept going on and I had long forgot about the idea that had filled my thoughts as a girl.  I was happy and that is all I knew and cared about.  Little did I know that "love at first sight" was real and was waiting for me!

I remember the day like it was yesterday ~ December 17, 1994.  We were approaching our 3 year anniversary and I was in the hospital.  My husband was beside me when the doctor placed a 6 pound 9 ounce beautiful baby boy on my chest.  My heart raced as I felt this little boy move and my brain was struggling to conceive what exactly was going on ... I was a MOTHER and the child I was holding was my son...MY SON!!.  Oh, how my heart was singing.  As I bowed my head to look at him my eyes caught his for the very first time and there it was...LOVE AT FIRST SIGHT.  It WAS real!!  And it was amazing.  In a split second, my heart felt like it grew ten times over and it was as if time stood still, if only for that moment - just enough for me to truly grasp that I just experience the very thing I dreamed of as a girl.  As my brain raced to comprehend this new feeling I remember specifically thinking - "I would die for you my sweet Justin".  He was perfect.  Simply perfect.

Almost 18 years later...I would still die for him, still love him with every fiber of my being, and still see him as perfect.  Simply perfect.

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  1. He is perfect! (And I kind of like Jeff too!)
    I can't believe it's been almost 18 years. I vividly remember that day as well...getting lost on the interstate (I was on 70) and having to stop "in the city" to ask for help to get back to 40...but I made it there (in plenty of time) to see my first baby nephew who was one of the sweetest things I have ever seen! I too loved him at first sight, (in an Aunt kind of way), and will continue to do so every day of my life!